FAQS for our Ecommerce Shopping Cart Websites

With hundreds of ecommerce shop sites designed and currently hosted by Firepages now live on the internet – we are confident we can assist with your online trading goals.

There are many questions to answer regarding trading online with one of our shopping websites. Here are some of the most frequent ones we answer.

How easy is the online shop to use ?

Our online shops come with a user friendly backend. If you can list on eBay- then you will find it even easier to use our system. It is as simple as going to a category and clicking on ‘Add New Product’ in the product details – save and it will appear on your ecommerce shop site in the correct category.

I already have my own domain name – can I use that for my shop website ?

Yes, all you will have to do is amend the nameservers. This can be done easily through your domain administration panel. You can either amend the nameservers yourself or send us the details where you registered the domain name and we will do this for you.

Can I change the categories and products for sale at any time ?

Yes, there is no need to ask us for every change. All site changes that you will need to do can be done via the administration area. This includes adding, deleting and editing categories and products, Setting postage and payment options and editing text on the home page as well as adding new pages via our
easy to use page editor.

How many photographs of my products can I have ?

The site will take 3 photographs per product and display them as a smaller image on the product pages and listing pages.

Do I get an SSL Certificate?

You can also order a dedicated SSL should you wish, though it does not have to be an immediate consideration. We offer an unbranded SSL cert for £65 or a GEO Trust SSL for £110.

I have my own merchant services – can I take credit cards directly on the site ?

Your bank would probably recommend that you use a payment gateway to ensure protection of your customers card details. Our preferred payment gateway to integrate with is Sagepay. Integrating with Sagepay means that you can avoid the risk associated with taking credit card details and storing them.

Can my site show prices in different currencies – like the Euro or the Dollar ?

Yes, we can add that function easily.

How do I take payment on the website ?

Payments online through your website are made through Paypal, Nochex, Bank Transfer or Cheque. You don’t have to use all of the options and you can set the options for different parts of the world. ie only take Paypal from
Europe or only offer Bank Transfer to the UK. Also see our taking payments page.

How about delivery charges on the site ?

Delivery charges can be separated into three areas which are the UK, Europe and the Rest of The World. For these areas you can set the delivery charges by a few different options depending on what is best. The most frequent options used are a set price per order, price per item, stepped rate either increasing or decreasing, free delivery, free delivery over a certain amount or delivery charge by weight of product.

What payment methods do you support ?

Trading online and taking payments via your website is not as complicated as it seems !

Our web sites can take online payments through the following –

Sage Pay

Sage Pay is a payment gateway, which acts as the ‘middle man’ between your website and your own merchant services.

Whilst your bank may give you a merchant account so that you can take telephone orders and face to face transactions – you will need a payment gateway to take the payment details and to negate the risks of storing card details to accept credit and debit cards on your website.

Once you have your own merchant services you will need to sign up with Sage Pay so that you can use their system to accept credit and debits cards through your website and process them with your own merchant account.

You will find this to more more cost effective once your sales have reached a certain limit using the third party payment processors ( eg paypal and nochex) This is because third party processors charge a fixed percent on every transaction, but your merchant service will charge a lower percent for credit cards and as little as 25p for debit card payments.

We are official partners with Sage Pay , and you can apply for a Sage Pay account here.


Paypal is the method that most people who have traded on eBay are most familiar with. As a third party payment processor Paypal is rather like Marmite in that you either love it or hate it. But the ease of use and the fact that many will already know how Paypal works means that it is ideal to use to start trading online.


Nochex is a complete online payment solution provider, which means that they provide all the elements you need to accept payments.

What this signifies is that you do not need a separate merchant account from a bank and a payment gateway from processor; Nochex provides both these things in one package.

This is ideal for start-ups and small businesses. There is one very simple form to complete and applications are approved within two business days. When you have your account it is easy to install and Nochex help you to make this as easy as possible. Once installed you can begin accepting payments straightaway; all PCI compliance is taken care of by Nochex at no extra charge.

Depending on the type of account you choose there may be a set-up fee, but if you only plan to trade with UK based buyers then there should be no set-up fee. There are no monthly or annual fees, or security fees. You are charged a small percentage of the value of each transaction. Nochex’ fees are available on their website.

We are official partners with Nochex, and you can apply for a Nochex account here.


Bank Transfer

Offering a bank transfer option can be good if you trade with alot of European customers as bank transfer is used more widely in Europe.

Your bank account number and sort code are send via email upon placing an order so that your customer can deposit the funds directly.


Do people still have cheque books ? Yes, they do ! Some people are still nervous of ordering online and you will have some customers who need to pay by cheque for other reasons.

It is always good to offer to accept cheques alongside your other options.

Telephone Payment

Stores that offer payment by telephone DO get a higher conversion from visits on site to goods ordered. Just having your telephone number displayed where it can be found can give greater confidence.

To accept telephone payments you need a method of processing card payments.

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