Ecommerce Websites

Our low fixed price of £399 covers ALL you will need to get your business on the internet. Start to trade online straight away.

The following years costs are set at £99 per year. This covers hosting and technical support. You do not need any technical knowledge yourself.

Our ecommerce solution is fully managed. You do not have to worry about intricate technical hosting aspects as it is all taken care for you. However, as a store owner you would have full ability to add, amend, remove and edit categories, products, customers, orders and so on.

I would like to say it was a pleasure dealing with Firepages, I am very pleased with the design and service i received. Being a complete technophobe Firepages made the whole experience simple and the outcome was perfect. They are prompt to deal with any issues and guide you through the entire process. I would highly recommend them, and cannot praise them enough. Thank you from

We challenge you to find any other to beat our web design prices.

Your online customers are going to purchase from you because they can find your website and products in the search engines and can easily navigate and use your ecommerce shop without any difficulty or need to think.

Our ecommerce shop sites are easy for you to manage, easy for the search engines to index and easy for your customers to buy from, and our web design price means that you can afford to get your products online and being seen throughout the internet without delay.

If you can get a quote to match our web design price from a similar established company offering the services we do, and with the same level of customer satisfaction then let us know and we will do your web site for jelly beans. (red ones)

Moving on – what is the next step ?

If you have any queries give us a ring and we will do our best to answer any question concerning your new website project.

Or you can sign up on this website under the ‘Join In’ link on the right hand side, don’t forget to give us your telephone number where we can contact you should we have any queries. Whilst signing up there is a chance to enter any information that you feel we should know eg whether you currently trade on eBay or if you already have a domain name etc

You will receive an invoice for 50% of the fee by return email, along with payment instructions. Payments are accepted by bank transfer and credit or debit cards and processed via sagepay.

If you have a logo already then you can email it straight to us for use on your site and we will ensure that the whole look and feel of your website compliments your existing branding. If you haven’t got a logo – don’t worry as we can have a chat about how you envisage your website.

If you have any images you would like us to use, we can accept them via the post or email. If you send them via post, we will send them straight back to you once we have scanned them in.

Firepages gives me the freedom to choose whatever payment methods suit my business. eBay force their sellers to accept Paypal and discourage alternative payment methods. This limits buyers options and frustrates sellers.

With Firepages you get the personal touch. All queries are answered personally and quickly with good advice. In contrast, I found most of the replies from eBay were standard responses that often did not help.

Ecommerce success with firepages

We have an impressive track history of creating great sites which work in the search engines. Our knowledge of online trading cant be beaten and our customer support means you are never on your own. Do it right first time with firepages.

If you are looking for help and advice with what is commonly known as ‘SEO’: have a browse around this site, watch our videos and ask if you have any questions. Remember, Google’s job is to find the best result for the search query and you dont get to be the best with short-cuts or scummy seo tactics; though they are often heavily promoted and sold under an ‘SEO/Marketing’ Umbrella. Take time to know the difference.

My 1st website was with another company, I had to pay something up front but cant remember, after this i paid about £60 a month, i was unable to ship by weight which was a big problem for me, i left them and this time paid a designer £3500 to do a bespoke site, after 9 months i had 6 sales, i asked him to tell me how i could get on google base to be told he had never heard of it, i paid him £300 extra for SEO and still no sales, so i paid a second man to do my file for google base and do SEO for me, the sales then started slowly coming through but without postage being added on, so i had to keep giving refunds. on top of this he charges £700 a year. the site is still there because he wont take it down but i removed the products. Total nightmare and I am glad that I found firepages

Other Services

We offer a wide range of extra services centred around ecommerce trading, understanding search engines, technical ‘seo’ and web development.

You dont have to be a firepager for us to work with you. Stuff we have recently done includes the following :

Independant Website Review

If you have a website that is not performing very well in the search engines, feel free to give us a ring for an impartial review. We will not try and sell you our services, we may explain how or if we do things differently should that be the case and if it is relevant.

Years spent looking at third-party websites has given us enough experience to see that whilst technically alot of websites could be more optimal – the underlying problem is weight of competition, lack of marketing and not making the most of opportunties which are out there. If you have great products or a good service then Google wants to show you to their searchers, be sure to help them along !