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About 2 years ago I gave up a full-time professional position to “sell on eBay” full-time. At the time, I was mainly selling cosmetics on eBay, and the same month that I was working my notice eBay suspended me, a few days later they said it was their mistake. It was a wake-up call, eBay could turn off our income like a tap, and I lost about a week’s worth of income. I was therefore most relieved when the company I worked for, on the second to last day of my notice period, asked if I could work flexitime. I took them up on the offer and worked 2-3 days a week, on my terms. I knew that I couldn’t rely on eBay alone. Fortunately, a few months before this there was talk on the eBay powerseller forum about “not putting your eggs in one basket” and someone said they were really pleased with their firepages “trains” website, and another one their car parts website. I had a firepages website made selling clothing. As cosmetics was my main source of income I hadn’t put much effort into this website, but every time anything adverse happened on eBay it made me put more effort into the website. Traffic jumped from 30 visitors a day, to 50, to 100, to 250 and so on. I now get 1500 visitors a day, over a 1000 of these from google natural searches.
Eventually I stopped selling on eBay as it upset me off too much, it felt like I had a new boss, even more annoying than my previous! I also gave up the flexitime work because I was getting too many orders from the website to cope with by packaging evenings and 2 days only.

As an eBay Powerseller, I was paying approximately £5000 in selling fees each year and an extra £3500 in Paypal fees to sell 5000 items. I can sell the same amount on Firepages for around £500 per year – that’s over 94% cheaper!

We would like to thank firepages for creating a top quality website for us, already most of our items are ranked [email protected] #1 in google or on the 1st few pages, its great not having to pay e-bad..! ( eBay) their rip-off fees, well done firepages.

We both would like to thank for creating us a great website (in under a week!) and the fantastic service you have given us so far. Its so refreshing to deal with a company nowadays that gives such a good personal and professional service. The website is very user friendly, even to novices like us. We have only been running for a few weeks, but its great to see orders already coming in, so soon. Hopefully this time next year we’re be millionaires!? :-) Well maybe not, but at least kicked eBay into touch!! We will be happily recommending firepages to anyone who is looking to setup their own website.
Many Thanks Again

Thank you very much for our new website. To any other interested parties considering using Firepages I cannot recommend them highly enough, the service has been exemplary. Our website was live on the net within a week of ordering and we have had more sales than we could have possibly anticipated. I read all the testimonials on Firepages and wondered if all these people were genuinely selling from their websites, and being naturally sceptical, I tend to take most things with a pinch of salt just in case! Not necessary here I am very pleased to note, this has been literally the best £340 we have ever spent since we started trading online in 2002. We have received all the help, guidance and advice we could possibly need and nothing has been too much trouble for the Firepages team. We have another website under development now with Firepages and plans for more in the future. Full marks to Firepages and all the best for the future.

We have been delighted with our Firepages site. They listened carefully to exactly what we wanted and the site was up and running in a matter of days. The talked me through it explaining exactly how to use it without either assuming I was a computer expert (which I am NOT) or patronising me because I wasn’t. Their friendly manner was just right! Any additions or developments I have asked for have been carried out immediately.
This is an economical, fuss-free way of getting a site up and paying its way in no time at all. Highly recommended

Please feel free to use the following as a testimonial regarding Firepages:
Having used ebay to sell a large range of model railway stock for the last two years I was finding that the fees levied by Ebay were crippling the profits. There was listing fees, final value fees, fees for inserting extra photos, fees for a gallery image, the invoices each month came in at over £400 just to sell the items I had. After seeing the professional websites created by Firepages and the prices they were charging to make up a fully ecommerce ready website I decided to take the plunge, the money they were charging for designing and building a website was a small drop in the ocean to the amount I was paying Ebay in fees each month. After the initial contact with Firepages, I explained what kind of website I was after, what I wanted it to look like and what I wanted it to do. I was expecting the website to take weeks to design and build but within three days I received an email saying it was all ready. I typed in the website address and sure enough there was my new website up and running on the worldwide web.
I was given full instructions on how to stock the website and how to maintain it. After a couple of days playing around with my new website I had a fully stocked ecommerce ready website which looked professional and was far easier to run than eBay listings and the best thing about it was that my fees went down from £400 a month to £0 and my sales from the website went through the roof, so much so that I have steadily reduced the ebay listings so that I can cope with the website sales.
The customer service provided by Firepages was second to none, Anytime I had a query my calls or emails were answered straight away and my questions were always answered I would recommend Firepages to anybody who wants a professionally built website with excellent customer services.

Just a short note to say thank you very much for the well designed easy to use website. We would also like to say thank you for all the help you have given us over the past few months, and the fast response to any queries or problems encountered on the way. We have been selling our hats from day one and business is on the up. We would recommend you without any hesitation whatsoever to anyone who is wishing to have a website built. By far the best service and price on the net.

By having a simple annual fee, my sales are not restricted by a complex fee structure like eBay’s. I can sell as little or as much as I like and relax in the knowledge that the small fee is fixed.

For those interested, this new shop has been a godsend, I have sold as many items in the 2 weeks it has been up and running as I sold in the old one in 2 years. Kudos to Firepages for their brilliant design and optimisation, it is fantastic and has paid for itself already, at £320. to include hosting, its a steal. So much so that I am having a new one done to sell a new range of items not associated with isisrisinggifts. The beauty of it is that they are buying at full retail price, no reductions to appease the eBay customers and competition. Spreading my goods between eBay, ebid, the web shop and big river was the best thing I ever did, and has more than overtaken the drop in sales and poor profit margins previously achieved on eBay. So taking your eggs out of one basket and spreading them between many baskets seems to be the way to keeping up your turnover and improving your profit margin.

I would just thought I would take the time to say thanks and to compliment you on a wonderful site and service, I am not the best when it comes to designing, editing and other related skills needed to make a working internet shop, in fact I have never had any computer training what so ever, but I must say your product is so easy to use I think if I can do it anyone should be able to get one up and running. You have always replied to my questions almost instantly which was a great help so thanks for that and I am sure we may have more in the future, our site is not 100% complete but we are now on our way to making sales and our customer base is growing daily, we get frequent emails saying how good our site looks and how easy it is to use. I have honestly been amazed by your service from day 1, I have done and will continue to recommend your great site & service.

I found the firepages system extremely easy to use and the staff were very helpful. The end result was that I had a fully functioning website, with all of the bells and whistles, up and running within two weeks. Thanks you for helping me grow my business !

Must just write and say how fantastic the site is, and how easy it is to amend and upload. It is an absolute joy to be able to upload my items so easily and quickly, and to be able to amend quickly!
So again many thanks, I will certainly recommend your services to anyone who asks, and if you need any testimonials please do not hesitate to ask! I am now proud of the website for the first time in 3 years! All the best and thanks again !

Thank you for your swift reply’s and excellent service whilst building me a website, I have to admit that I expected to end up with yet another embarrassing non working website but as I have paid 3 times what I paid you to other so-called website designers I thought I would give it a go.

You did what I asked for and my requests for things to be added/changed were normally done within minutes, the control panel is no harder to use than eBay and adding products is easy. Even after I had paid for the website Firepages are still helping and promoting my site.I have honestly been amazed by your service and I would recommend Firepages to anyone.

I would recommend Firepages to anyone wanting a professional e-commerce web site, without any hesitation. I wish I had heard about Firepages before I spent countless hours constructing a DIY web site. Firepages had my new site up and running within three days! Built exactly how I wanted it, nothing was too much trouble no matter how trivial. The site is easy for customers to navigate and I have had nothing but praise from customers. What’s more it’s easy to manage,
and Firepages are there to give help and support all the way. Thanks to all at Firepages.

Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for all the hard work you have put into creating our website. We have been ‘dabbling’ on the internet for quite a few years but never really achieved any ‘solid results’. We were somewhat sceptical at the service we would receive when we initially contacted your company – the prices you were charging just seemed a little to good to be true. How wrong we were – our website is less than four months old and already we have a google page rank of four! Also our orders are exceeding our expectations tenfold.We would therefore have no hesitation in recommending ‘FIREPAGES’ to anyone who is in the market for a website.

I am very pleased with the site. Please feel free to list it in your portfolio, or use it to promote your business If you require an endorsement please let me know

I can’t tell you how much help you have been to me. It is an anxious time setting up a new business and trying to get known. The website you have built for me is exceptional and done so quickly that I can hardly believe it. Nothing has been too much trouble – even my constant questions! I shall certainly recommend you to anyone who has an interest in setting up a website.

Thank you all for the super job you did at such short notice on our new web site we are very pleased. Regards

May I take this opportunity to express what a total pleasure it has been over the past few years or so to be a customer of yours.We have always found your staff polite and very helpful with any queries we have had from time to time. The way our web site Pdr Pro Tools was designed was spot on..!

We have had many compliments from customers and friends expressing how good our site looks. One comment was ” It must have cost many thousands of pounds to host and produce”, but in fact it was a fraction of the cost.We highly recommend ANYONE to be a customer of firepages..! Well done Firepages! ps looking forward to having another website with you..!

Being fully in charge of my own website, I have complete control over the categories, pictures and descriptions. My business is not hindered by the continual eBay policy changes. I am my own boss and I can display my products in whatever way I find best.

Firepages has been a revelation – I had struggled with various ecommerce offerings and then found Firepages and everything fell into place with my site, Touch Jewellery. The design is customer friendly and has also helped with our positioning in Google. The back end is very straight forward and easy to manage. Adding products and categories is a doddle as is managing customer relations. Support is fast and efficient. The package offered by Firepages is incredible value. I would recommend Firepages as the perfect ecommerce solution

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