Don’t Get A Blog For Ecommerce SEO


There are hundreds of pages on other sites around the internet that will give you a whole list of reasons why you should get a blog for seo purposes. This article will aim to give you all the reasons why you should not bother. You then can weigh up the plus points you will have read ‘everywhere’ and the negative points here and decide whether a blog is right for your site.

  • A blog will add more content to your site, but more content is not always good. It is not the ones with the most content who win in search results, it is the ones with the best content and the best content is not measured by number of words or pages.
  • If you are looking to bulk out your week product descriptions then fix your product pages. Adding a blog doesn’t fix your product pages. Fixing your product pages fixes your product pages.
  • Having relevant information about a product on another part of a site doesn’t make sense. If you have information to write about the products, then add them to the product pages. The pages with the buy now button should contain all the information needed to entice the sale.
  • Finding great content to write about can be tricky, whatever genre you are in you will likely find there is already a whole host of blog websites exclusively dedicated to the subject. So the content you come up will need to be at least of an equal quality to have a chance of a similar footing in the search engines, and that is not an easy task.
  • If you just settle for writing bland information centred around your products and manufacturers then your blog will be bland and in time, a deadweight on your site. An endless stream of blog posts like ‘New product just in’ can be really dull.The blog needs to be something that site visitors would genuinely want to read.
  • Writing ‘tips and tricks’ type content regarding your product genre is okay, but be aware that most ‘tip and tricks’ would have already been published elsewhere. It is not a case that once something is published that no-one else can write similar so it is okay to publish them again but you need to ensure to add your own value.
  • Adding your own value is more than writing the same again but using different words. You would need to aim to make your version(s) the very best on the internet.
  • Blogging links to industry news might be okay if that is what your users want to read, but also consider twitter as a venue for short posts with links to other sites. Using a third-party like twitter is a good way to keep possible substandard content off your domain.
  • Keeping up with a blog is tough. Whether you decide to write daily, weekly or monthly you need to sustain the effort over time. There is not much worse that offering a link on your site to a blog only to send your visitors to a page with the last blog post written 18 months prior.
  • A blog can help with links to your site and so help with the aim of more page rank flowing through your domain. But to get the links to your blog pages you need to firstly produce linkable content and then market it within the search engines for the right exposure. Time spent creating, marketing and promotion of a blog with the aim of more page rank to the domain could be spend just directly marketing the actual domain directly.

A good reason to get a blog would be simply because you enjoy writing and publishing content and your visitors would enjoy reading what you have to say. There are excellent examples of small traders sites who have started ‘hobby’ blogs alongside their ecommerce sites and the value added to the domain overall has been enormous.

The problems with blogs arise when they are started purely for so-called ‘seo benefit’ without any real thought into the content, audience or the long-term work involved.

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